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Canon C100/C300/C500 Handgrip Relocator (ARRI Rosette)

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Hand grip relocator for Canon C100, C100mkII, C300, C300mkII, and C500 that allows for the Canon control handle to be attached to an ARRI standard rosette. Works great with Rosette Bracket to attach to 15mm LW rods. Also great with Shoulder Rig v3 for comfortable handheld shooting. Connector interface allows all controls to be passed back to camera body.

Please note that the handgrip relocator is not compatible with the C200, C200B, or C700 cameras.

Weight: 181.437 (0.4 lbs)
Dimensions: 152.5 x 50.8 x 152.4 mm (6 x 5 x 6 in)

Canon Handgrip Relocator Overview


*Manufactured under licence
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