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WC V-Mount (DSMC1™/DSMC2™)

SKU 167000

UPC 700987993820

Ships Same Day if Ordered by 10am PT

Wooden Camera brand V-Mount plate utilizing an IDX V-Mount and RED® DSMC1™/DSMC2™  connector. This plate is wired correctly to display RED® Brick and smart V-mount battery percentage on displays.

8" cable exits the right side of the plate allowing easy insertion into the camera. Design allows minimal cable excess while still being able to reach additional modules when necessary.

2x D-Tap ports for accessory power.

Mounting Options:
To mount the WC V-Mount onto the back of the DSMC1™/DSMC2™ one of these items is required:

Quick Back v2 - A quick release plate that can attach to the back of the brain or any RED® module

Fixed Back - A bolt on battery mount that can only attach to the brain

For an adjustable mount system attached to rods, use the Battery Slide or Recorder Slide paired with the appropriate Rod Clamp: Rod Clamp (15mm LW), Rod Clamp (15mm Studio), and Rod Clamp

Weight: 227g (0.5 lbs)
Dimensions: 143.2 x 92 x 21.9 mm (5.6 x 3.6 x 0.9 in)

RED® DSMC1™/DSCM2 Configuration Guides

RED® Epic/Scarlet Power Solutions Overview:


*Manufactured under licence
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