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The B-Box enhances the capabilities of the EXT port by offering multiple ports like Run/Stop, timecode, control, and genlock. The B-Box has eight M2.5 threaded holes for additional accessory mounting like Accessory Rails and Bolt-On Plate Adapters. Mounting options included in the B-Box Kit are one 40mm Accessory Rail that is compatible with the Rear Cage mini clamp mount and a Bolt-On 3/8-16 Accessory Mount. This kit includes variations of EXT cables designed for use with our D-Box® for KOMODO-X™ Kit, allowing 24V Run/Stop power out of the 3-pin connector port on the B-Box or to be used directly with the camera's EXT port.

Note: For V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR [X], user may need a Bolt-On Accessory Plate Adapter or Bolt-On Accessory Rail Clamp for compatibility with their camera cage system.

Included Items:
Mini Accessory Rail with Safety (40mm) 
Bolt-On 3/8-16 Accessory Mount
EXT Cable (12-pin 0B Right-Angle Male to 12pin 0B Right-Angle Male, 3in)
EXT Cable (9-pin Right-Angle Male to 12-pin Right-Angle Male, 4in)
EXT Cable (9-pin Right-Angle Male to 12-pin Straight Male, 12in)
EXT Cable (12-pin 0B Straight Male to 12-pin 0B Right Angle Male, 12in)

Weight:  87g (0.2 lbs)
Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 75 mm( 1.7 x 1.2 x 2.95 in)