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EXT Cable (12-pin 0B Male to 9-pin 0B RA Male)

SKU A00541

UPC 655466977672

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These EXT Cables connect from the camera's EXT port to the B-Box for (KOMODO®, KOMODO-X™, V-RAPTOR®) directly, breaking out control options like Timecode, Control, Genlock and 3-pin Run/Stop ability. Two length options of 4” or 12“ were intended to keep your B-Box in the place that works best for the user's needs. The 4” length was designed to be used with the Rear Cage and keeps the build tidy. The 12” length allows users to place the B-Box anywhere that works best for them, this could be along the camera's cage system like Side Rails or 3rd party system options.

Please note, the 3-pin port will not provide 24V power in this configuration unless connected to the D-Box® for KOMODO-X.

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*Manufactured under licence
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