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Hook and Loop Plates

SKU A00402

UPC 655466818173

Ships Same Day if Ordered by 10am PT

Customize your rig with Wooden Camera’s Hook and Loop Plate. Securely mount items like your Teradek Bolt 6 TX to the larger plates while the Teradek RT MDR’s can mount to smaller plates on any camera rig. Available multiple mounting options include the Mini Rail Accessory Kit or the Bolt-On Mount System. Either mounting option optimizes the placement of these plates on your rig and offers maximum stability.

In addition to providing the maximum customization to your rig, our Hook and Loop Plates provides a sleek and unobtrusive design featuring a black anodized aluminum finish.

Hook and Loop Plates are available in 5in x 5in, 3in x 5in, 2in x 5in, 2in x 2in sizes.

The threading size for the Accessory rail attachments is M2.5.

Read the Accessory Plate blog to learn how each part of the system works together. 

Hook and Loop Plate (5 In x 5 In): 117 g (0.26 lbs) 127 x 127 x 6.5mm (5 x 5 x 0.26 In) 
Medium Hook and Loop Plate (3 In X 5 In): 80.6 g (0.18 lbs) | 127 x 77 x 6.5 mm (5 x 2.37 x 0.26 In)
Hook and Loop Plate (2 In X 5 In): 62.5 g (0.14 lbs) | 127 x 51 x 6.5 mm (5 x 2 x 0.26 In)
Hook and Loop Plate (2 In X 2 In): 27 g (0.65 lbs) | 51 x 51 x 6.5 mm (2 x 2 x 0.26 In)