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Bolt-On Hook and Loop Plate Kit

SKU A00436

UPC 655466936891

Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Customize your rig with Wooden Camera’s Bolt-On Hook and Loop Plate System, bundling three sizes of Bolt-On Hook and Loop plates. Securely mount items like your focus MDR or Timecode Box to any camera rig using the variable options in this kit including two plates consisting of ⅜-16 screw mounts with locating pins, and a ¼-20 version.

In addition to providing the maximum customization to your rig, our Hook and Loop Plate Kit provides a sleek and unobtrusive design featuring a matte black finish.

Each Kit contains 3 Hook and Loop plates in the following increments: 4”x1.5” and 2 versions of 2”x2” plates.

Read the Accessory Plate blog to learn how each part of the system works together. 

Included Items:
Bolt-On Mini Hook and Loop Plate (3/8"-16)
Bolt-On Small Hook and Loop Plate (3/8"-16)
Bolt-On Mini Hook and Loop Plate (1/4"-20)