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MFT to PL Mount Pro

SKU 233500

UPC 606184852628

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MFT to PL Adapter Pro is a shimmable version of our popular micro four thirds lens mount adapter that enables mounting of PL mount lenses onto the MFT cameras. Mount includes a foot with 1/4-20 threaded hole for attaching to a tripod eliminating strain on the camera. The foot can also attach directly to the front of the Pocket Cage or the Micro Cage by two included screws. PL Cap included to prevent dust from entering sensor area when lens is not attached.

- 1/4-20 foot for attaching tripod plate or support

Shim Set (stackable to achieve necessary thickness)
Silver .0127mm (0.0005")
Amber .0254mm (0.001")
Purple .0381mm (0.0015")
Red .0508mm (0.002")
Green .0762mm (0.003")
Tan .1016mm (0.004")
Blue .127mm (0.005")

This adapter will also work with any MFT cameras like the below:
Blackagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k (BMPCC4K)
Blackagic Micro Camera
Panasonic GH2, GH3, GH4, GH5
Panasonic AF100
...and many more!


*Manufactured under licence
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