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D-Tap to Sony (A77II, A99II, A68)

SKU 278500

UPC 606184859030


D-Tap to Sony A77II, A99II, A68 connector powers the Sony A77II, A99II, A68 camera using any V-Mount or Gold Mount battery with a D-Tap plug. Voltage converter box mid cable adapts 14.4v to standard 7.2v required by camera. Reverse polarity protection is built in so if the cable is plugged in backwards to a D-Tap, it will not be damaged.

Cable length: 20 inches (508mm)

Weight: 59g (0.3 lbs)
Dimensions: 508 x 25.8 x 38.1 mm (20 x 1.0 x 1.5 in)


*Manufactured under licence
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