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SKU A00497

UPC 655466798673

Ships End of May

Expand your power options on the KOMODO-X™ by adding the D-Box® to your system, this D-Box converts from the camera’s native V-Mount to Gold Mount. The D-Box offers hot swap abilities when power is connected to the DC-In and an on-board battery. There are additional 12V 2-pin, a D-tap port and a 3-pin 24V power options.

When connected to the EXT port of the camera, Run/Stop is enabled on both the D-Box as well as the B-Box for (KOMODO®, KOMODO-X™, V-RAPTOR®). On the assistant's side of the camera there is a DC-In port for connecting additional power items like block batteries and an EXT Out option is also included to pass connectivity options to a B-Box to be connected to the system, as needed.

Included Items:
EXT Cable (9-pin 0B RA Male to 9-pin 0B RA Male, 5in)

D-Box® - Gold Mount (RED® KOMODO-X™): 259 g (0.6 lbs) | 38.9 x 78.25 x 105 mm (1.5 x 3.1 x 4.1 in)
D-Box® - V Mount (RED® KOMODO-X™): 273.5 g (0.6 lbs) | 48 x 103 x 100 mm (1.9 x 4.1 x 3.9 in)