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Happy International Women’s Day!

Creative Solutions x Made In Her Image

One of the great honors of our work is getting to support female filmmakers. Last year, beyond celebrating our own CS Ambassadors, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Made in Her Image. Their organization is dedicated to the advancement of young women, girls, and non-binary youth of color within film, media, and technology. They serve youths ages 12 to 25 by curating engaging programming to foster media literacy and empowerment, as well as offering education to women breaking into the industry. Their mission spoke to us, not only because it fostered education within our own industry, but also encouraged and celebrated representation on set.

The Project

Creative Solutions donated $15,000 to fully sponsor a 4-week virtual Cinematography course called “Their Point of View” for 40 students. This provided free accessible learning opportunities for the next generation of filmmakers.

Their Point of View is a Made in Her Image x Creative Solutions collaboration.

A Cinematography course with the foundation of inclusion, passion, and community.

We are united in our belief that storytelling shakes the world.

We believe that everyone should have the tools to unlock their creativity, and tell the stories that have yet to be told.

Our potential is boundless. Our growth is unlimited.

We dedicate this course to the advancement of young women, girls and non- binary youth of color within film, media and technology.

Accompanying the donation, “Creative Solutions x Made in Her Image” organized an in-person Mentorship Lab at CSLA following the course completion. This gave the students, as well as local LA youth, a chance to take part in hands-on cinematography lessons taught by 5 LA-based female cinematographers. The students took part in 4 learning stations: How to Rig a Camera, Lenses and Focal Lengths, Lighting, and Framing Your Shot. They were also able to take part in a Q+A session featuring the instructors in addition to other mentors. Seeing the students get hands-on learning opportunities and watching them collaborate with each other was truly inspiring and such a joy to watch.

Creative Solutions x Made in Her image Lab at CSLA
Creative Solutions x Made in Her image Lab at CSLA
Creative Solutions x Made in Her image Lab at CSLA
Creative Solutions x Made in Her image Lab at CSLA
Creative Solutions x Made in Her image Lab at CSLA
Creative Solutions x Made in Her image Lab at CSLA
Creative Solutions x Made in Her image Lab at CSLA
Creative Solutions x Made in Her image Lab at CSLA

The Feedback

This is the most collaborative and educational workshop environment I have ever attended. Everyone was very kind and deliberate in their lesson plans, so learning and picking up information was very easy and clear. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

“It was such a warm and open environment from the moment I came in. I was nervous based on my lack of experience in cinematography, but the instructors and volunteers made me feel extremely supported. We are Black/POC and non-binary people making strides in the industry and I am so thankful for this organization and experience. Thank you all!”

How to Support Made in Her Image

  1. Follow Made in Her image on social media! Keep up to date with their latest collaborations and initiatives.
  2. Buy the merch! Seriously – it’s so good, and proceeds go to a good cause.
  3. Donate directly. Your tax deductible donation will allow them to build new programming for 2022 to educate and expand their reach, as well as start the development of their new learning platform.

A huge thank you to Malakai and the entire Made in Her Image team. You are all doing phenomenal work and inspiring an entire generation of storytellers.

Buy the Made in Her Image Merch
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