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How Filmmaker Julien Jarry Uses Sony FX6 for Interviews, Documentaries, and More

We talked with Julien about who he is as a filmmaker, why he’s been such a fan of the Sony FX6 for his work lately, and how he uses it to make content spanning different styles and genres.

Julien Jarry is an industry professional well-versed in a variety of filmmaking styles. He shoots documentaries, commercials and works with brands like Sennheiser Microphones and Cannondale Bikes to make some truly amazing content. Having worked as a DP, CO, and co-director over the years, Julien is no stranger in choosing the right camera for the task at hand, and the right Wooden Camera gear to fully equip him for his shoots.

Any director of photography knows how important it is to have gear as versatile as the jobs they’re hired for. Being able to adapt your setup to suit the shoot is paramount, which is why the Sony FX6 has become Julien Jarry’s preferred camera for his recent work and why it may be the right choice for you.

Meet Julien Jarry

Tell us about yourself. What sort of projects do you usually work on?

I'm a director of photography. But directing also comes very naturally to me, so I'm also sort of co-directing on most sets that I'm hired for as well. Most of my experience is in documentaries, but I’ve tried to move into more commercial work over the last couple years. It’s been great, but it’s also really shown me how much more meaningful documentaries are to me as a filmmaker.

I've traveled the world working with brands like Sennheiser and Cannondale, friends that have non-profits, with my church, and hopefully, on some more personal projects that sort of flex my muscles in the documentary world.

The FX6 - A New Generation of Workhorse

With all these different styles of camera work under his belt, what makes the FX6 his ideal camera?

Why did you choose the FX6? What do you like about it?

Right now I have two A7s3’s and an FX6 plus a second FX6 on the way.

There's a reason why a lot of people out there with other cameras are looking at [the FX6], saying, “Wow, this is actually a better, more efficient tool for my job.” Yeah it might be a little less sexy, but it's actually the right tool for the job. The FS7 was such a beast of a workhorse, but the FX6 is the mini, more powerful version of that. And it’s full frame. The internal NDs, the XLR inputs in, and that little body that just works.

Why go with FX6 for interviews?

I have never been and will never be an autofocus guy. But when I do sit down interviews with 2 or 3 cameras, and I’m able to turn on eye-autofocus and shoot wide open while the camera focuses for me, I can sit back and relax because I know what it's like without that. I used to have to baby those lenses - not anymore. Now, I'm setting up interviews and I’m leaving them there and that's it.

Gearing Up for the Shoot

We asked Julien about the Wooden Camera gear he’s been using with his FX6, and how it helps his efficiency.

How long have you been using Wooden Camera gear with your FX6? What do you like about it?

I’ve only had the FX6 for about, I would guess 3 months... and I’ve had the Wooden Camera Top Plate, Battery Slide Pro V-Mount plate and PL Lens Support bracket since day one.

I like the Wooden Camera Top Plate (Sony FX6). It's just so tight and integrated into the FX6 body it just feels like part of the camera. The camera itself is already super light and these accessories don’t add a lot of weight. This is important because we want weight to stabilize our rig, but we don't want an inordinate amount of accessories that turns the FX6 into a camera that it’s not.

I don’t need 15 mm rods or a base plate to use the Battery Slide Pro V-Mount. This is huge because with it, I can use [the FX6] handheld, like I would any other camera. It integrates right onto the FX6’s body and it's compact, especially when paired with micro-batteries. And the E-Mount to PL Mount Pro is pretty much the only way you're ever going to have a beyond rock solid PL mount on the FX6.

What problems are Wooden Camera products able to solve for you? Do they change the efficiency of the shoot?

I never skipped a beat in my workflow using Wooden Camera’s Battery Slide Pro V-Mount. I’m using my Anton/Bauer micro batteries on the Battery Slide Pro, and I can power the camera, my monitors, my Teradek and all my other accessories without a hitch. There were no speed bumps I had to go through to change up my workflow.

The Sony FX6 is becoming the go-to camera for professionals like Julien Jarry. If you need a high-quality workhorse, the Sony FX6 might be a good fit for your production, and Wooden Camera has comprehensive kits and accessories to get your rig production-ready.

For more information on Julien Jarry and his projects, check out his website and Instagram for a comprehensive look at his work.

Are you thinking about making the switch to the Sony FX6? What’s the biggest draw for you as a filmmaker? Let us know in the comments.

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Michael Jones - August 24, 2021

What lens is that? Looks Leica 50MM with Anamorphic front?

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