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Wooden Camera 10 Year Anniversary

2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of Wooden Camera’s humble beginnings. Though much about our industry has changed, Wooden Camera has grown, innovated, and adapted to continue to provide products and solutions for filmmakers. From our first day to our most recent, our goal has always been the same: design innovative accessories that solve everyday problems.

To celebrate a decade of innovation, we’re taking a look back at who and what has helped drive Wooden Camera this far.

Original Wooden Cameras, wooden camera accessories

2007 - Starting the Fire

Though the company wouldn’t get its official start until 2011, the wheels began spinning several years earlier for founders Ryan and Elizabeth Schorman. Inspiration for the company name came from a 2007 skate video where Ryan set a wooden camera on fire. Enjoying the idea of the name, he quickly bought the domain for ‘Wooden Camera’ and used it for his creative endeavors moving forward.

2011 - Onward

Our name came out of a great shot idea but much like our newest accessories, our first official product came out of a need for a simplified filmmaking solution.

Enter the A-Box (DSLR). In 2011 the first official Wooden Camera product was designed to convert the 3.5mm audio inputs to industry standard XLR, a sorely needed piece of equipment though at the time there was no simple fix. Manufactured on a dining room table with the help of family and friends, the A-Box was the official start of Wooden Camera as we know it today.

Drawing from the original inspiration of our name, this period also marked the beginning of our longstanding tradition of using wooden camera replicas as displays for our products and accessories. As the years have passed, Wooden Camera has gone from 4 people building converters in a kitchen into the professional camera accessory brand you know today, with over 1000 cinema products available.

WCLA, CSLA, Wooden Camera Showroom, Creative Solutions Showroom, Wooden Camera Store

2015 - New Horizons

As our product list grew, demand for Wooden Camera accessories in film communities beyond Texas did as well. To better serve the needs of filmmakers in the area, Wooden Camera opened its first retail store in Burbank, California in 2015. Building on our mission to provide filmmakers with the tools they need to create, in 2018, we relocated to a larger space with our Creative Solutions sister companies - Teradek and SmallHD, now known as CSLA.

Wooden Camera Accessories Staff

2021 - Who We Are

Whether you need accessory kits designed for the latest DSLRs or power distribution options created for cinema-standard cameras, from A-Box to Zip Focus, we’re proud of the quality, attention to detail and customer service we’ve come to be known for.

In pursuit of constant product innovation and seeking out exciting opportunities, we’ve had the pleasure of adding Dominick Aiello, formerly the Director of Technical Marketing at Panavision, to our team as the divisional Director of Accessories.

Our team, product list and company have all grown over the past decade, but we haven’t forgotten how we made it this far and the dedicated people that helped us reach this point. So thank you to our loyal customers and fellow filmmakers, without your support we wouldn’t be here today. Here’s to the first ten years on our journey, we can’t wait to see what the next ten bring.

Join us in celebration with the 2021 Wooden Camera t-shirt design commemorating our 10 Year Anniversary.


Felix Rodriguez - May 13, 2021

What a great shirt, wish you offered 3XL for us big dudes!!!

Pablo Basulto - May 13, 2021



Gauhar Maqsood - May 13, 2021

Congrats on completing 10 years of excellence!

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