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Touch and Go Receiver Only (120mm Oconnor Euro, Sachtler 35, Ronford Baker RBQ Compatible)

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Receiver Only for our Touch and Go system.

Touch and Go System is an industry standard, quick release system compatible with OConnor 120mm, Sachtler, and Ronford Baker. Our version is up to 1/3 lighter than other systems due to the recess designs on the receiver and plate. Once the plate is attached to the camera by included 3/8-16 screws, simply drop it into the base and the plate will snap into locked mode. Push the lever further to clamp the Quick Release Plate in place. To remove, pull the lever and push down on side release button at the same time.

Our Touch and Go System is compatible with:
-120mm O'Connor Euro
-Sachtler 35
-Ronford Baker RBQ

Weight: 390g (0.85 lbs)
Dimensions: 184.2 x 91.44 x 19.05 mm (7.25 x 3.6 x .75 in)

Touch and Go System Overview:


*Manufactured under licence
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