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Short 3pin to 3pin Fischer (6")

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UPC 606184852963

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Short 3pin to 3pin Fischer (6") connects an ARRI style 3pin Fischer port containing 24V power with start/stop capability to a device like our Trigger Box. Cable extends 6" which is ideal for RED® Weapon combinations using the Easy Top (Weapon), Right Side Plate (Weapon), and Wooden Camera Handgrip (Right). Also great for the Sony Rialto, connecting the camera body to the Rialto extension cable.

All three contacts are wired so other devices like the Cinetape using 3pin Fischer connectors and a 1 to 1 wiring could also work, just note this is a VERY short cable.

Connectors used in this assembly are not manufactured by Fischer but are made to the same specifications and are Fischer compatible.


*Manufactured under licence
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