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PL Mount (Canon C300mkIII, C500mkII)

SKU 282100

UPC 606184859399

Ships Same Day if Ordered by 10am PST

PL Mount (Canon C300mkIII, C500mkII) allows users to convert their Canon C300mkIII and C500mkII camera to a PL Mount through a simple modification process. The PL Mount is made of stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum and includes the PL port cap. Shims are provided with the kit for adjusting back focus if it is out of calibration. Adjustment should not be needed but can be checked using a wide angle lens and a focus chart. The native Canon C300mkIII/C500mkII Lens Mount screws are used to attach the PL Mount to the camera.

The modification process can be reversed by reversing steps in the process.

Shim Set (stackable to achieve necessary thickness):
Silver .0127mm (0.0005")
Amber .0254mm (0.001")
Purple .0381mm (0.0015")
Red .0508mm (0.002")
Green .0762mm (0.003")
Tan .1016mm (0.004")
Blue .127mm (0.005")


*Manufactured under licence
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