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The Offset V-Lock Accessory Wedge (Screw Slot and ARRI Accessory Mount 3/8-16) is the dovetail portion of the Offset V-Lock Accessory Wedge & Base Station Kit (Screw Slot and ARRI Accessory Mount 3/8-16) and can bolt into any ARRI standard accessory mount or 3/8-16 hole, allowing for an offset of up to 1.5 inches (38mm).

Please note that if your accessory has M3 attachment points like our Preston MDR4 Mounting Plate and Smartphone Clamp, choose the original V-Lock Base Station and Wedge Kit instead.

Weight: 64 g (0.14 lbs)
Dimensions: 50.8 x 76.2 x 25.4 mm ( 2 x 3 x 1 in)


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