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Flag System for Fujinon Duvo 25-1000 Box Lens

SKU A00464

UPC 655466635237

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The Flag System of the Fujinon Duvo 25-1000 Box Lens utilizes the NATO rails from the Cage System, the flags attach to the Front Cage and offer the ability to quickly slide the flags on and off. The flags attach to the top and sides of the lens via built-in NATO Rails to help prevent potential lens flare issues.

Included Items: 
(3x) Flag for Fujinon Duvo 25-1000 Cage
Cage Extension for Fujinon Duvo 25-1000 Box Lens

Weight: 3.2 kg (7.2 lbs)
Dimensions: 345 x 303 x 306 mm (13.58 x 11.93 x 12.05 in)


*Manufactured under licence
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