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Legacy Battery Slide Pro V-Mount for RED® KOMODO®

SKU 280300

UPC 606184859214

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Battery Slide Pro V-Mount (RED® KOMODO™) attaches to the camera-left, BP-9 battery slot and powers the camera using a right angle connector. Thumbscrew can be loosened to tilt and slide the plate as needed.

Three D-Taps on the plate provide battery voltage for accessories and power is monitored for over-current. If more than 5.8A are used by accessories, a digital fuse will trip and the red LED will illuminate but the camera will remain powered. Reset button can be pressed once to restart accessory power.

DC Input on camera-right side can be used for hot-swapping between block battery and on-board battery. While the AC adapter that comes with the KOMODO™ can be used, please note that it may not be powerful enough to sustain the camera and accessory draw.

If hot-swapping between Gold Mount battery and BP-955 battery is desired, please consider Battery Slide Extension for Canon BP-955 Hot Swap (RED® KOMODO™) which moves the battery plate further back from the camera body.

Weight: 264 g (0.59 lbs)
Dimensions: 127 x 114.3 x 44.45 mm (5 x 4.5 x 1.75 in)


*Manufactured under licence
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