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Battery Slide Pro Gold Mount (Canon C70)

SKU 288600

UPC 606184860159

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Custom WC Pro Gold Mount battery plate for providing external power to the Canon EOS C70. Features 3x D-Tap ports for accessory power, including a digital fuse which cuts off accessory outputs while leaving the camera powered. Battery Slide Pro (Canon C70) can be attached to any standard Canon Accessory Mount by aligning the interlocking ridges and turning the attachment thumbwheel to tighten a ¼”-20 screw; rods are not required. This system retains access to the original C70 battery compartment, enabling operators to hot-swap power between both BPU and brick batteries. To adjust the battery plate’s vertical position, loosen the pivoting clamp and slide the plate up or down.

Compatible with Canon C70 camera, Wooden Camera Top Plate (Canon C70), Wooden Camera Mini Top Handle (Canon C70), and more.


*Manufactured under licence
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