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26V Gold Mount Plus (Alexa LF, 65, SXT)

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Wooden Camera / Anton Bauer 26V Gold Mount Plus (Alexa LF, 65, SXT) attaches one 26V battery directly to the back of the ARRI Alexa LF, 65, SXT, and every Alexa down to the Classic EV to provide power through the rear battery contacts without cables. Internal circuit board prioritizes the 2pin Fischer DC Input, allowing 24V block batteries to be used first, leaving the on-board batteries fully charged. Hot swapping between battery sources is possible and OLED screen on side panel provides voltage data, battery capacity, and active source information. Two Power Taps are provided at a regulated 15V and current is monitored. Should the user exceed the current threshold, the plate will cut power to the P-Taps, leaving the camera operating normally. A warning message will appear on the OLED screen and the user can reset it using the menu button.

Why 26V batteries?
Newer professional cameras are requiring more than 19V for operation and higher voltages means lower current (Amps). Reduced current allows for cooler operation and low energy loss when using long cables. As the industry trends towards high voltage sources, 26V batteries will become the new standard.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 x 5 in (88.9 x 127 x 127 mm)
Weight: 440g ( .97 lbs)


*Manufactured under licence
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