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Shoulder Rig v3

The Should Rig v3 is Wooden Camera’s latest shoulder rig, incorporating your favorite components of the original with game-changing updates. Shoulder Rig v3 includes telescopic arms, additional arm rotation points to widen or narrow grip spacing, larger and more durable shoulder pad, and an integrated kickstand for setting the rig down.

No weights, no rods, just your camera rig.

A great shoulder rig starts with a modular foundation. By utilizing our Arri standard safety dovetail, Wooden Camera shoulder rigs are natively compatible with all Unified Baseplates, Unified Bridgeplates and Dovetail Clamp. 

Prepare your camera for the WC Shoulder Rig

Choose a baseplate with an ARRI standard dovetail slot.

Compatible Accessories


*Manufactured under licence
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