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3pin Trigger Cable for RED® V-Raptor®, KOMODO® , KOMODO-X™ (12", Outward Right Angle)

SKU 281500

UPC 606184859337

Ships Same Day if Ordered by 10am PT

3pin Fischer Trigger Cable for RED® V-Raptor™, KOMODO-X, KOMODO™ is a Female 3pin Fischer wired in ARRI standard configuration to a right angle, RED® EXT, 9pin. The connector exits toward the operator side, leaving other ports or accessories on the back of the camera accessible.

Please note this is for simple triggering only. No power, tally, or any other functionality is available.

Cable length: 36 inches (91cm)

Weight: 90 g (0.2 lbs)
Dimensions: 25.4 x 127 x 152.4 mm (1 x 5 x 6 in)