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Introducing the New Director’s Monitor Cage V3

Credit: Light And Gears & Chrilleks

We’re excited to be releasing the latest update to our classic director’s monitor cage designed to make production monitors lightweight, handheld and easily-accessible for professionals on every set. These days, having a handheld monitor gives you complete freedom to be anywhere on set and still see the shot - allowing you to be away from the crowded video village and much closer to where you need to be. Monitor cages make on-set production that much more efficient.

Here’s a rundown of the new Director’s Monitor Cage V3:

Mounts Any Monitor Up to 9 Inches

The cage supports virtually all production monitors of up to 9 inches (measured diagonally) from industry-standard brands like SmallHD, Odyssey, Atomos, and more. Monitors can be mounted through several areas on the cage including top, bottom, and rear ¼-20” points. What’s more: the cage itself only weighs 1 lb. (478g), adding very little weight to your monitor package so you have one less thing weighing you down on set.

Easy Access with Swing Away Back

Credit: Light And Gears & Chrilleks

The DMCv3 offers unparalleled flexibility with our unique dual-directional swing away feature. Depending on your configuration, swing the battery plate open from either left or right sides. The battery plate can even be removed entirely for use with SmallHD monitors that use Sony series batteries. Easily access the rear of your monitor and the integrated bracket for Teradek or other wireless solutions.

Redesigned Hand Grips

Carbon fiber rods and hand grips make the cage extremely durable and ready for the toughest of production environments while also greatly reducing the overall weight of the cage. The hand grips are also foldable for easy packing and transportation, or even adjusting to your personal spacing preference.

Dual Purpose Sun Shade

For productions that take you outdoors, the DMCv3 comes with a sun shade that keeps your monitors and eyes protected at all times. It seamlessly snaps directly to the cage frame and uses velcro for adjusting to the width of your monitor and a loop piece for a more permanent mounting solution. What’s more: the sun shade can also be repurposed as a protective cover when in storage and transport.

Double the Monitors

Sometimes you need to monitor two video feeds at the same time, so the DMCv3 comes in a dual cage version for doubling up on your monitors. The Dual DMCv3 allows for mounting monitors side-by-side, giving you extra flexibility whether you’re wearing the cage on your neck or mounting it to a light stand.

And Much More

Learn all about the new Director’s Monitor Cage V3 on our landing page here.

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