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Rain Cover (RED® DSMC1™, DSMC2™)

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Rain Cover (RED® DSMC1™, DSMC2™) was designed and manufactured by and form fits to the RED® DSMC and DSMC2™ cameras. The cover features see through plastic windows for viewing the lens area and RED®MOTE and cutouts for LCD Touchscreen and Bomb EVF with UVF Mount v2. Expandable rear module area allows any RED® module or battery adapter to be added. Includes plastic covers that attach to mattebox front preventing rain from splashing the lens between shots plus a cover for the Touchscreen area.

- Plastic window areas for lens and rear camera viewing
- Cutouts for Bomb EVF with UVF Mount v2
- Expandable rear module area
- Plastic covers for mattebox and touchscreen area

Velcro pieces to attach to mattebox

Rain Cover Demo:


*Manufactured under licence
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