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*Refurbished* Battery Slide (FS7)

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SKU B-233700

UPC 655466541996

B-Stock items are gently used and may show various signs of use, such as dents or scratches that do not affect product function. All B-Stock items have been quality tested and come with the standard Wooden Camera warranty.

Battery Slide (FS7) is an adjustable battery plate mounting system for the Sony FS7 which attaches directly to the camera body without rods. WC V-Mount, WC Gold Mount, QRC Gold Mount, IDX, Switronix, and RED®/Blueshape style battery plates are all able to attach. Apply firm pressure to tilt the plate in place. Loosen the thumbscrew to slide the plate up and down and also tilt. Great for adjusting counterbalance and for transitioning from studio to handheld mode. When using Sony BP-U batteries installed in the camera you can hot-swap the external battery source!

(2) M4 x 14mm Socket Cap Screws
(6) M3 x 14mm Pan Head Screws
(4) M3 x 12mm Pan Head Screws
(4) M3 x 8mm Pan Head Screws
(4) M3 x 8mm Phillips Flat Head Screws

Weight: 226.80g (0.5 lbs)
Dimensions: 152.4 x 114.3 x 45.7 mm (6.0 x 4.5 x 1.8 in)

Battery Slide FS7 Demonstration:


*Manufactured under licence
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