Canon C300 Unified Accessory Kit (Advanced)

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The Canon C300 Camera Accessory Kit (Advanced) is an advanced camera support package designed for the Canon C300 camera. The C300 accessory package includes: Top Plate (C100, C300, C500), a top mounting camera cheese plate for accessory attachment, Unified Baseplate (C300), a quick release baseplate that holds the two 15mm Rod (12") at the correct lens height, Safety Dovetail (8") which interfaces with the ARRI dovetail slot on the bottom of the Unified Baseplate, NATO Handle V2 Kit, a quick release handle that attaches to the Top Plate, and Universal Hot Shoe for attaching the original Canon C300 LCD unit.

Included Items:
Top Plate (C100, C300, C500)
Unified Baseplate (C300)
2x 15mm Rod (12")
Universal Hot Shoe
NATO Handle V2 Kit
Safety Dovetail (8")


Weight: 1315.42 g (2.9 lbs)
Dimensions: 330.2 x 152.4 x 76.2 mm (13 x 6 x 3 in)

Canon C300 Unified Accessory Kits Overview:


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