Cable-less PCB Upgrade (Wooden Camera v8.0)

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UPC 606184855742

IN STOCK Complete purchase by 3pm CST and order will ship within 1-3 business days. Please allow up to 10 business days to process D-Box Upgrades from the time Wooden Camera receives your D-Box.

Limited Time Offer: Upgrade to Cable-less PCB v8.0 for $0.00 and receive free economy shipping. Quantity limited to order or serial numbers provided. Please provide your serial number or order number to confirm your purchase. If serial number cannot be located please notate the place of purchase.

User updatable PCB upgrade kit for all Wooden Camera Cable-less power products for the RED DSMC2 family of cameras. Fully compatible with all RED firmware builds 7.0 or newer. Important updates include a microSD card slot for future, user installable firmware updates, digitally controlled current limit which replaces the traditional glass fuse, and improved communication with RED DSMC2 cameras for voltage / percentage / time remaining.

How the Process Works:
Users with Cable-less power plates (not a D-Box) will receive a kit including a PCB, screws, and wrenches that can be used to perform the upgrade themselves (instructional video provided at time of shipment). Upgrades will ship in the order they are received through this page.

Users with D-Boxes for DSMC2 should return the assembly to Wooden Camera for a complete update including the Cable-less PCB and D-Box power management board. Once you checkout for the upgrade on this page, you will receive an email from WC staff with a form and further details on how / when to send the D-Box in. The upgrade will be performed within 10 days of receiving the product and returned by economy shipping to the user free of charge. Incoming shipping to Wooden Camera is to be arrange by the user and will not be covered by Wooden Camera.

If you have already performed this upgrade and need to update firmware, it can be found here.


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